Augur has warp sync file. It will save hours in syncing.

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(Local) What is Augur warp sync

I watch Augur Project github. It is a hobby. Biggest issue with Augur v1 is syncing with ethereum. Now, there is a warp sync feature. The warp sync file is compressed market data database. You can download warp sync file and import into augur electron app and be 99 to 100% syncd. You get syncd fast. I want augur community to have a better experience. A warp sync file gets generated every 100 blocks. I make file available to you here.
  • You can download augur application Here
  • If something wrong, I am LeggoMan in AugurProject Discord, Here

(Already Hosted)

  • It is a hosted augur ui
  • There was a change that points to community supported augur node server and ethereum node. This allows anyone to run just the augur ui.
  • It is open source project, look on github Here
  • You can git clone and build and run it yourself
  • You need 'yarn' and 'nodejs', here is augur ui dev documentation
  • Here are the commands
    • git clone
    • yarn; yarn build
    • to run the augur ui locally: node server.js

Import warp sync file, steps

Warp Sync File Information: (augur app version 1.10.0+)

File Size Timestamp Age